Tech Specs

The Home Tavern Venue Standards

Home Tavern offers two band areas. The upstairs area, Bass Bar, which offers an intimate setting for approximately 200 people. The Main room downstairs provides an open area for approximately 600 people.                                                     

 Production list

Main Room Bass Bar

JBL HLA Quad System JBL SR Series
XTA Processor DP448  
Compressor over FOH Dual 15″ Horn
20,000 WATTS Double 18″ Subs
110 DBA at console All other equipment as per main room



Drum fill JBL PRX 725

Side Fill JBL PRX 615

Wedges JBL PRX 715 X4




Avid s3 Venue Software

Soundcraft Impact 40 Channel (Digital)

Soundcraft GB4 32 Channel     (Analogue)


Monitor Console

Soundcraft Impact 40 Channel (Digital)



3x 16 Channel Digital Stage Box

48 Channel (32 send 8 return)

48 Channel stage split



Shure beta 58 x10 Sennheiser E901 x1
Shure beta 57 x1 Sennheiser E904 x4
Shure beta 52 x2 Sennheiser E906 x2
Shure SM57 x10 Sennheiser E935 x4 
Shure KSM109 X3 ADK s51 X2


Various mic stands and clips to suit



Led par cans 16 x   7x10w

Led par cans   4 x   18x10w

Blinder Bars (sun Strips) 4

Moving head spider x 3

Solo 250 Moving heads x 4



All dmx compatible with Chamsys, dmx pro, Martin ect


Approved crowd barrier



The venue offers no backline, if the aforementioned specifications do not meet the bands requirements, the band must source and supply their own equipment or the venue can source on behalf of the band but at the bands expense.


Sharing Backline

Bands using support acts must discuss and arrange any sharing of equipment 7 days prior to the event. This must be given in writing to the venue so that it can be passed to the appropriate people thus eliminating any confusion on the day


Support Acts

All support acts must be discussed and approved by venue 14 days prior to the event.               



Band techs or engineers need to be contactable with venue to supply stage plots, channel assignments etc.


Sound checks

Bands and support acts need to be at the venue in a timely manner to allow adequate time to have sound check completed by 5:30pm as the venue has co-occupancy with the Chinese restaurant

Show to commence after 9pm.





All accommodation must be discussed and approved by venue 14 days prior to the event. Venue will only provide accommodation for band members and immediate production crew, no exceptions. Accommodation is approximately 2km from the venue.


Band Riders


Generic Riders will not be accepted.


As a licensed venue we must adhere to the liquor act, unreasonable requests for alcohol will not be permitted. All Riders and special requests must be discussed with the venue and agreed upon 14 days prior to the event.

The Home Tavern has an expectation to maintain its reputation as the best live band venue in the region, professionalism and courtesy between both parties is to be expected at all times.

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)

The liquor laws provide a broad framework designed to prohibit intoxication in licensed venues. Under these provisions, an intoxicated person cannot be admitted or allowed to remain in a licensed venue, nor can they be served liquor.


There are two key intoxication offences in the NSW liquor laws:

Permitting intoxication;

Serving liquor to an intoxicated person



The venue requires adequate promotional material including posters. Where ever possible we require the main act to conduct a radio interviews which can be done live or pre-recorded, we also use television, local paper, Facebook and web so where possible at least 4 to 5 week lead time is best.

Tech riders to be signed and emailed to venue by tour manager

Any further assistance in the above please contact:


Trevor Jones (venue owner)

+61 428 693 447