The Angels

March 25, 2017 8:00 pm Home Tavern

Legendary Aussie rock band The Angels are gearing up for a tour guaranteed to smash the speakers and get venues rockin’. Announcing their 2017 4×4 Across Australia tour, the band will be digging through their back catalogue to pick some of their biggest hits for the special run of shows, which kick off in March. The 4×4 concept will see the band hand-picking four of their most iconic records, and playing, back-to-back, four hits from each record. Add to that an encore that will feature a swag of more classic tracks, and 4×4 will be a tour to go down in Aussie rock history.
For rhythm guitarist John Brewster, the 4×4 concept is about exploring more than four decades of great rock songs from the band’s archives. “Each of our albums have a distinct sound and atmosphere that differs from the others,” he says. “It’s great to enter and embrace the feeling of these albums. We always like to have an angle that works for the fans and the band too.”
Lead guitarist Rick Brewster says while there will be a certain number of planned songs for each show, some tracks will be decided on the night. “There will be no two nights that are the same,” he says. “The old rule will apply; something old, something new, and something blue.”
Having recently wrapped up a massive sell-out run of shows on their Hardwired tour with MI-SEX, the band are now getting together to decide what songs should be part of the new concert series. They are taking into consideration audience feedback from previous shows, as well as fan suggestions. It is an opportunity to explore some of the songs that get requests but don’t always make it onto set lists. “Our audiences leave the venues with big smiles, as do we,” says John. “But there are always songs that people would have liked to hear, and also songs that we would like to play. The 4×4 tour gives us an opportunity to add some rarities.”
Including a special hit-packed encore in the show was a given. There are classic songs that won’t be part of the 4×4 song selection that audiences will want to hear, so the band thought wrapping up the show with these timepieces was a perfect end to the concert. “Can’t Shake It is a great song for the encore,” says John. “It gives the band a chance to stretch out. There’ll be a couple of surprises in the encore too.”
The Angels continue to notch up milestones left right and centre. Their tours see the band play to packed houses and the recent release of their latest album of all new material Talk the Talk at the start of 2014, garnered them new fans of all ages. They also celebrated their 40th anniversary of rock the same year, traversing Australia with an acclaimed sell-out tour. In 2015 the band not only played to packed houses locally with their A-Z Tour, but also toured internationally, their first overseas shows in many years, performing in Paris, London and Sweden. With Dave Gleeson at the helm, The Angels have once again cemented themselves as legends on the Aussie music scene. With new songs and their classic back catalogue of tracks such as Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again, No Secrets, Face The Day, Take A Long Line, Marseilles and Shadowboxer to name a few, they are revered for their live shows and are playing better than ever!
For Rick, the band’s longevity all stems in classic Aussie rock. “It is all about the songs,” he says. “Long Way To The Top, Eagle Rock… they are all as relevant today as they were when first released. We are proud to have a large repertoire of songs that fall into this category and continue to become entrenched in the next generation. Our gigs are always filled with both young and old who want to hear the music they’ve grown up with.”
“Great rock music is timeless, it transcends fashion,” says John. “It’s great to experience live, it can’t be beaten by a TV screen.”
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