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With a professional career spanning 47 years, Kevin Borich has done it all. Beginning with the LA- DE- DA’S in New Zealand, writing the classic hit ‘Gonna See My Baby Tonight’, to his KEVIN BORICH EXPRESS and The PARTY BOYS, Kevin has performed at some of the biggest Rock events Australia has seen.

La De Da’s

The Historical SUNBURY Festivals – the ROCKARENAS in the 70’s with crowds of 60,000 people, featuring FLEETWOOD MAC, THE LITTLE RIVER BAND & SANTANA (with whom he was invited onstage to play with). The New Years Event at the Sydney Opera House with 170,000 people telecast live nationally and internationally to Japan at that time, a first! Numerous support shows for international acts, ELTON JOHN, STATUS QUO, JEFF BECK, BUDDY GUY & PETER FRAMTON to name a few.

From your local to the big events, he has carved out a revered reputation in the Australian Music Industry, performing his music with a youthful exuberance, – giving extra meaning to the word LONGEVITY. Kevin has played and recorded with artists such as Renee’ Geyer `Blues License’ – Dutch Tilders `The Blues Had a Baby ‘- Richard Clapton `Prussian Blue’, Jamming with Carlos twice, also with Bo Diddley, Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple), Ron Wood (Rolling Stones), John Mayall, Taj Mahal & members of Living Colour. Overseas tours and tours with Jimmy Barnes, Renee’ Geyer, Mark Hunter, and being Co Founder member, and author of the Party Boys name have added spice to his career.

Well known for his high-energy electric guitar style, his performance is hailed throughout the music industry as world class. He also starred in the hugely successful 18 ‘Sold Out’ Australia wide ‘Long Way To The Top’ 2002 arena concerts.

He also performed on the 2003 Melbourne International Music & Blues Festival featuring Tony Joe White, John Mayall and Ray Charles. In recognition of His contribution to Australian music and blues culture, he was inducted into the Australian Blues Foundation Hall of Fame.

John Mayall / Kevin Borich Melbourne Fest. 2003

Kevin has added a 1930’s National Steel acoustic guitar in his show. This “laid-back” acoustic style is a very well received addition to his Shows providing a mellower base from which to launch later into electric Land, with Fender Strat and Gibson Firebird slide guitar.

There is a new OFFICIAL website – Where his new CD “TOTEM” is available featuring his son Lucius [COG – The Nerve] Drumming on 3 tracks – Holly Borich [vocals] – Harry Brus [bass] – Paul Wheeler [Drums] – Steve Hall [Horns] Doc Span [Harp] – Tim Partridge [bass] – Mick Skelton [Drums] – Peter Hudson [Drums] – Tim Finnegan [Upright Bass] – Ross Nixon [Keys] – Nick O’Donnell – [guitar, organ, vocals & Producing with Kevin.]


1977 – Australian Rock Music Awards – Best Guitarist
1978 – Australian Rock Music Awards – Best Guitarist
1978 – Concert of The Year Award (Marconi Club)
1983 – Ampex Golden Reel Award
1983 – The Party Boys – LP EMI Gold Record
1983 – Live at Several 21st (Party Boys) EMI Gold Record
1987 – He’s Gonna Step on You (Party Boys) EMI Gold Record
1999 – Australian Blues Music Festival – Heritage Award
2003 – Australian Blues Hall of Fame
2011 – Voted in AUSTRALIAN GUITARIST Magazine as one of the All time great OZ Guitarists.
2014 – Mentioned as one of the Top 10 Australian Guitarists in the NSW Sunday Telegraph.

Some things the press have had to say…


KB has been at the pinnacle of the Rock, R&B and Blues music scene
since he came to Oz from NZ with the La De Das in the mid 60’s. From that time he has maintained a reputation for high-energy performances and musical excellence. Kevin has played/ recorded or jammed with Renee Geyer, Carlos Santana, Bo Diddley, Ritchie Blackmore, Ron Wood, John Mayall and Taj Mahal. He was a founding member of the Party Boys who undertook tours with Joe Walsh and is truly a guitar playing legend.

Kevin Borich Express /Joe Walsh (The Eagles) at Taree 2004

Borich has established himself as a major guitarist in Australia, maintaining a hectic touring schedule and gaining high praise from all sources. If Borich were American, he would be treated the same way as Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan and have a major record deal…

If licks could kill…
One of Kevin Borich’s biggest moments was in 1977 when he jammed with Carlos Santana before 60,000 at the Rock Arena megashows in Sydney and Melbourne. Santana would say of the Australian, “He’s amazing. He sounds so much like Jimi Hendrix yet has an individual style. He presents his music honestly and is one of the best guitarists I’ve heard.”

Carlos Santana / Kevin Borich 1977 Calder Raceway

More to the point was a message scribbled on the walls of the famous Newcastle Star Hotel -“if licks could kill, Kevin Borich would be doing hard time”.

For close on thirty years, Borich has been thrilling audiences with his dynamic brand of blistering boogie. Hailed by rock and blues audiences alike, Borich is one of the few artists who successfully straddles the two genres, loved and revered in both as a wicked songwriter, performer and guitarist. With sheer guitar – driven ecstasy loaded with passion and raunch, Kevin Borich will take you on a musical epic from the deepest blues to the potent force that made him one of our hottest rockers and a phenomenal ax-man.
Brisbane Hilton

ROCKIN’ BLUES WITH A FUNKY SOUND – Robert Dunstan `Rip it Up’

Those who witnessed Kevin Borich when he blasted thru town earlier this year would agree that the musician has lost none of the blues rock touch that saw him pick up many awards and accolades in the ‘70s as this country’s best guitar player. His dazzling fretboard skills have also seen musicians such as Carlos Santana and Ritchie (Deep Purple) Blackmore, Bo Diddley and John Mayall happily invite him on to stage to jam.

Kevin Borich is a vital part of the Live Music Heritage in Australia. It is one thing to listen to an artist on CD; you HAVE to see KB perform live. It is a must!!
Deb Morrice `RAVE’ Brisbane

There are a lot of personal highlights for me…. I remember when like every other young man I was playing air guitar, and one of the things I played air guitar to was Kevin Borich doing “All Along The Watchtower” who I think did it even better than Hendrix. He’s been part of our musical lives for a long time. He came over the Tasman in the La De Das and he’s been rocking ever since. We love him, he’s Kevin Borich!
Glen A. Baker – Gimme Ted Benefit Concert

Kevin Borich First Festival [Byron Bay] show after Cancer Fight

Kevin was a guest on SBS’s National TV RockWiz program in Nov 2008.
A great episode playing His Golden hit “Gonna See My Baby Tonight”
And The Rolling Stones “Gimmie Shelter”.

He was asked again to perform on RockWiz on 26th & 27th of March 2010 & the 27th
Show in Toowoomba Qld was broadcast nationally.

Also performed at the 2010 Jakarta Blues Festival on the 15th & 16th of October and
19th in Bali 2010 along with a host of International Artists.

Performing at the Jimi Hendrix Tribute Concerts at the Sydney Enmore Theatre 27th Nov 2010 also in 2013 and again this year 2014 late August in Sydney.
In Late 2012 – Three songs from Kevin’s past have been included on a double CD Package called “BOOGIE” released by Warners Music. This CD has everyone who was anyone in the 70’s on it. The songs of his that feature are – 1/ Gonna See My Baby 2/ To Pooped To Pop 3/ I’m Going Somewhere

>>> !!! EXPERIENCE THE NEW ALBUM> TOTEM !! – Now available at & at his shows.

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