Ash Grunwald

May 13, 2016 12:00 am Home Tavern

The only way a man can truly come into his own power, is to begin seeing who he truly is. Not seeing what he thinks he should be and certainly not seeing himself as he’d like to be seen by others; a good hard look within at what it is he stands for. This is the brutality and in the same breath, the blessing, of time; of experience and of the confrontation of a world that’s moving in contrast to core beliefs. This is Ash Grunwald NOW.

In 2013 during work on his last studio album, Guargantua, Ash tapped into the power of synchronistic sidekicks; how by having the right people by your side, the revealing of true self becomes accelerated. In the case of Scott and Andy from The Living End who took the rhythmic helm on that record, their sheer skills to unfalteringly gallop a song toward it’s climactic finish, allowed Ash to take lead like never before. The obstacles that had held him back from enjoying the force of a well-executed and well-placed solo evaporated and any doubts on using his powerful voice politically, vanished. Ash took his place at the coalface in the fight against CSG exploration. He climbed inside tiny planes with angry and emotional farmers, was shown first-hand the devastation of land and country. He met the distraught but not broken mother’s who were fighting for the health of children with slow nose bleeds and cancer like symptoms. He even had the resonance of gunshot to remind him that when it comes to money made in ways that remove a man from his soul, shit gets dangerous.

Since that time Ash’s voice, his disdain and his power have grown. He’s taken tools to his trademark dreads and without hesitation walked away from an aesthetic that had defined him for 20 years. There’s a fire in his eyes that says best don’t fuck with